Coating Business

In our coating business, we aim to offer optimal paint film technology that can satisfy our customers all over the world. Together with hardware solutions, that is, coating equipment, we aim to offer software solutions such as coating and paint application methods and technologies, while also pursuing the objectives of high efficiency, improvements in the work environment, and conservation of the global environment.

Our Strengths in the Coating Business

We provide world-class paint film technology and environmentally friendly coating technology

  • The know-how accumulated over many years from having developed and commercialized the first ever hand spray gun made in Japan
  • Possessing the knowledge and experience necessary to develop the right spray guns for specific types of paint and to suggest the optimal coating methods
  • Technology that offers a uniform and optimal coating finish
  • Reliability backed by a market share of 70% or more in the domestic hand spray gun market
  • Brand power that commands a high market share overseas as well
  • Environmentally friendly products that comply with the strict environmental regulations implemented in advance in Europe and the US
  • Automated production facilities in Japan enabling mass production of high-end, high-quality spray guns
  • A global manufacturing and sales network
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Main Products

Coating/Paint Application Equipment

Spray Guns, Electrostatic Coating Machines, Paint Supply Equipment


Main Applications

The industrial coating market (automotive line coating, metal coating, resin coating, woodwork and furniture coating, adhesive application, etc.) and the automotive refinishing market

Coating Systems

Automatic Painting Devices, Painting Plants, Painting Robots, Environmental Devices, Painting Booths


Main Applications

The industrial coating market (resin coating and metal coating for automotive parts, etc.)