Key Issues (Materiality)

The Company has for the first time identified key issues (materiality) toward the sustained enhancement of corporate value. We will aim for further growth by focusing on efforts addressing materiality.

To Achieve Sustained Growth

The Company by providing valuable products and services and engaging in activities that meet the expectations of the stakeholders receives in return revenue and trust as consideration. And with this acquired capital, the Company engages in initiatives that will lead to further growth. We believe that the achievement of sustained growth is predicated on the repetition of this loop.
Furthermore, we believe that true corporate value comprises both economic values such as business performance, and social values such as ESG, and we are striving to strike the right balance between the two.
Based on this approach, we have identified materiality from the two perspectives of issues concerning business growth, which will be required to keep on creating value as a company into the future and social issues whose resolution we will support as a member of society.

Sustainable Enhancement of Corporate Value (Relentless Growth)


Type Materiality Major themes
Business growth issues System to sustainably provide safe and high-quality products and services Development and provision of technologies, products, and services in response to obsolescence and diversifying needs
Quality assurance and stable supply of products
An organization where diverse human resources can actively work Promoting the advancement of diverse human resources
Development and securing diverse human resources that can take on the challenge of value creation
Respect for human rights
Social issues Environmentally-friendly business operations Contributing to the resolution of environmental issues
Contributing to a society that mitigates the environmental burden
Compliance with laws and regulations
Contributing to the health and spiritual enrichment of people around the world Realizing safe and reliable quality
Meeting diverse social needs
Building a relationship of trust between companies and society
Establishing a governance structure that puts the corporate philosophy into practice

Identification Process


We extracted the issues that would become crucial in achieving sustainable growth, based on the Company’s management policies and expected roles. We launched a working team from the Sustainability Conference, whose mainmembers are the General Managers of each department, to address these issues.


The adequacy of the extracted issues was discussed and examined by the Corporate Officers, the Sustainability/CSR Committee, and the Board of Directors.


The issues were identified as the materiality of ANEST IWATA.

Identification Process