Sustainability Promotion System

In our corporate brand promise, we have declared our intention to be a development-oriented company that contributes to the creation of a prosperous society capable of sustained growth. By tackling social issues through our pursuit of business, we have been working to create the values held in common by our company and society at large, and to achieve sustained growth in tandem. We will continue to focus on sustainability, including such aspects as the SDGs and ESG, as an important theme that informs our management, and work on related initiatives.

Promotion System

  • Out of a total of 11 Directors, 7 (including 2 women) are independent Outside Directors, so independent Outside Directors account for approximately 64% of all Directors.
  • If including full-time Audit & Supervisory Committee members, non-executive Directors account for more than two-thirds of the total, which helps strengthen governance.
  • The appointment of Representative Directors, Directors, and Corporate Officers, as well as evaluations regarding compensation, are deliberated by the Nominating/Compensation Committee, which consists of five Outside Directors plus the Representative Director (an Outside Director chairs the committee), and decided by the Board of Directors.
Promotion System