ANEST IWATA Turnpike Hakone

As a company headquartered in Kanagawa Prefecture, as is Hakone Turnpike Ltd., we aim to contribute to the revitalization of the region through activities rooted in the local community. We will continue to plan and hold various events that will bring ANEST IWATA closer to you.

Strengthening Our Connection to Customers


We acquired the naming rights to the Hakone Turnpike because this road is considered a sacred place for cars and motorcycles, due to its frequent use mainly by automobile manufacturers for various events, and because our products are strongly connected to cars and motorcycles. Based on the common denominators of cars and motorcycles, we felt a very close affinity to Hakone Turnpike.

About ANEST IWATA Turnpike Hakone

In March 2018, we acquired the naming rights to the Hakone Turnpike, and the name of this road was changed to ANEST IWATA Turnpike Hakone. The Hakone Turnpike is a toll road that is 600 m from the Odawara-Atsugi Road/Odawara Nishi IC, and connects directly to the Seisho Bypass via Hayakawa IC. It consists of the Hakone-Odawara Main Line (13.8 km) and the Hakone-Izu Connecting Line (1.7 km), and is open from 5:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.