IR Policy

1. Basic Policy

We will disclose information including financial and non-financial data and management strategies to shareholders and investors in a timely and appropriate manner, and engage in constructive dialogue to achieve sustained growth and increase corporate value. In addition, we will disclose appropriate information in accordance with various laws and regulations and timely disclosure rules, and strive to maintain and improve our internal system for that purpose.

2. Information Disclosure System and People in Charge

Queries from shareholders and investors will be handled by the IR Corporate Communication Office, Corporate Planning Department. The general manager of the Corporate Planning Department is in charge of promoting the disclosure of information.

3. Involvement by Top Management

We hold briefing sessions with institutional and individual investors on a regular basis, and the president and the general manager of the Corporate Planning Department who is in charge of information disclosure engage in constructive dialogue with shareholders at these meetings. Please be advised that, with priority given to business, not all requests for direct contact with the top management may be accommodated. The IR Corporate Communication Office will select and accept such requests as appropriate.

4. Promoting Good Communication and Feedback

We regularly summarize opinions and requests from shareholders and investors received during various briefings and individual interviews, and provide feedback to the Board of Directors and others.

5. Management of Important Data

We have established regulations on information security aimed at preventing insider trading through proper management of important data, as well as regulations to stop insider trading, and are promoting thorough awareness and understanding among all Group employees on the issue.

6. Quiet Periods

In order to ensure fairness and prevent leakage of financial results, we designate the period from the account closing date to the date and time of announcement of the relevant financial results as a quiet period, and will refrain from replying or commenting on the business outlook. However, if important information comes to light during this period, we will disclose it in an appropriate manner.

7. Handling of Business Forecasts and Information Regarding the Future

Regarding the descriptions of business forecasts, future outlooks, strategies, targets, and other information disclosed by the company, the actual results may differ from the business forecasts, etc. disclosed by the company, due to the changes in various uncertain factors such as the economic situation.