Medium-Term Business Plan

In May 2022, we formulated the Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2022-FY2024).

Basic Policy

500 & Beyond


All employees will work together as a group to change the way they think and exceed the sales target of 50 billion yen at the end of the final year of the medium-term management plan.
And while on this growth trajectory, we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of our founding in 2026.

First Step of our Long-term Vision “Vision 2030”

We aim to achieve 50-billion-yen sales or more for the organic portion of the final fiscal year ending March 31, 2025.
M&A plans will be made primarily from cash on hand and treasury stock, with the main objective of expanding regional coverage in both businesses.
Furthermore, we will promote business activities with a view to achieving 100-billion-yen sales in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2036.


Business Forecast

Business Forecast

The assumed exchange rates are 118 yen to the dollar, 137 yen to the euro, and 18.5 yen to the yuan. In our mid-term management plan through FY2024, we aim to achieve net sales of at least 50 billion yen, consolidated operating income of at least 5.5 billion yen, and ROE of at least 10%.