Security Export Control

The ANEST IWATA Group’s security export control is as follows.

Our Approach Toward Security Export Control

We understand the purpose and the importance of security export control in maintaining international peace, preventing the development and manufacture of weapons of mass destruction and nuclear weapons, anti-terrorism, etc., and implement the following measures.

  1. We have established rules regarding security export control, and comply with them.
  2. We comply with relevant laws and regulations regarding the export of products, technologies, and services.
  3. We have an export control and monitoring system in place that controls exports in an appropriate manner.

All products and technologies that we sell in Japan, as well as their accompanying parts and accessories (hereinafter referred to as “Products, etc.”), are designed, manufactured, and covered by warranties based on the assumption that they will be used within Japan. Therefore, when you export our Products, etc. that you have purchased or have been using to countries outside Japan, or use them overseas, please do so based on your own judgment and responsibility.

About Catch-All Control

For exports to regions other than those specified in Appended Table III of the Export Order (“White Countries”), all of our Products, etc. are subject to Catch-All Control (Item 16 on Appended Table I of the Export Order [Appended Table of the Foreign Exchange Order]). Therefore, it is up to you (the exporter) to decide whether or not to apply for an export license through the “end-use/end-user of exported goods, etc.” condition posed by Catch-All Control, and comply with the procedure.
Security Export Control System in Japan