Development of Products and Technologies that Reduce the Burden on the Environment

We will help our customers reduce their impact on the environment through our oil-free technology and environmentally friendly coating equipment and coating systems, which are our business strengths.

Developing Coating Equipment that Complies with the Environmental Regulations of Each Country

The European paint and coating industries, which operate in countries that are more advanced in terms of environmental protection, abide by strict laws and regulations regarding the discharge of solvents used in coating. The state of California in the US is known for some of the most stringent regulations applied to coating in the world, but we were able to introduce a low-pressure spray gun in 1990 that met its requirements, establishing a new technology for atomization in the process. Recently, we introduced our LPH series of low-pressure spray guns with little spattering and high transfer efficiency, capable of satisfying painters around the world, including the environmentally conscious countries of Europe and the US. We also introduced a spray gun dedicated to water-based paints, the W-300WB/400WB, to the Japanese market in 2007. This was a model we had been selling in the European market since 2002, where paints had become more water-based. With such tools, we continue to support our customers in Japan in their effort to be more environmentally friendly.

The World’s First Split Nozzle Reduces Wastage in Coating The World’s First Split Nozzle Reduces Wastage in Coating
The World’s First Split Nozzle Reduces Wastage in Coating

Developing Energy-Saving, CO2-Reducing Scroll Compressors

Air compressors are industrial machines commonly used in a number of environments, including factories and farms, and their power consumption accounts for about 20 to 25% of the total power consumed by factory equipment. Therefore, there is a real need to improve their energy efficiency.
We have been able to achieve high compression efficiency with our scroll compressors, which are our specialty, by applying a special coating to the inside of the main body of the compressors, and thereby ensuring a high degree of airtightness. Also, given that the control mechanism is important for conserving energy when running a compressor, we have made it possible to eliminate power wastage in our products by installing start-and-stop controls that operate the optimal number of compressor bodies necessary for a given situation, making it possible to maintain pressure at the minimum level required. Through the adoption of our compressors, and the resulting conservation of energy and reduction in CO2 emissions on the part of our customers, we strive to reduce the impact on the environment by our society as a whole.