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Here, we introduce our company in order to help you understand ANEST IWATA better.

What kind of company is ANEST IWATA?

ANEST IWATA will continue to be a company that benefits people and people's lives, while diligently upholding the company's founding motto of being “trustworthy and sincere,” and will strive to deliver the highest level of quality, technologies, and services.

A Three-Minute Overview of ANEST IWATA

To learn about the latest management and business performance trends, please check the various documents posted in the IR Library, including financial statements and corporate research reports.

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ANEST IWATA as a Prospective Investment

Performance Trends

We secure steady earnings through high productivity, based on our manufacturing know-how accumulated over many years, and a product lineup that makes the most of our unique technology.

Financial Data

ANEST IWATA's Businesses

Our Group comprises an Air Energy Business that deals in air compressors and vacuum equipment, and a Coating Business that deals in coating equipment and coating systems.

Air Energy Business

Air Compressors

Compressors, which are machines that compress gases, mainly air, are not things we see often in everyday life. However, they are used in a wide variety of fields for different uses, including as a power source for machines in factories and to operate doors on trains.

Main Applications

General industrial factories: Power source for pneumatic equipment
Buses and trains: Controlling brakes, opening/closing doors
Hospitals: Supplying gas to hospital rooms
Food factories: Filling packages with nitrogen at the time of packaging, etc.

Consolidated Net Sales of Air Compressors
Vacuum Equipment

A vacuum instrument is a machine that creates a vacuum by sucking in gas and reducing air pressure. We are contributing to the progress of various industries through the adoption of our products in a wide range of fields, from the forefront of science to automobiles and food products.

Main Applications

Factories: Transport, defoaming
Semiconductor manufacturing factories: Inspection equipment
Research facilities: Accelerators, synchrotron radiation experiments

Consolidated Net Sales of Vacuum Equipment

Coating Business

Coating Equipment

Various products are subject to coating for different purposes, including improving their aesthetic appearance and protecting the surface. Utilizing our liquid atomization technology accumulated over many years, we offer a wide range of products including coating equipment and instruments for applying liquids other than paint.

Main Applications

Automobiles: Refinishing and coating of parts
Industrial products: Woodworking, metalworking, resin product coating
Art: Fine art painting, custom painting
Hobby: Character figures

Consolidated Net Sales of Coating Equipment
Coating Systems

With our ability to propose coating systems based on our track record as a top coating equipment manufacturer, we design and sell coating systems that are tailored to the demands of our customers.

Main Applications

Automobiles: Parts
Trains: Carriages
Factories: Resin and woodworking products

Consolidated Net Sales of Coating Systems

ANEST IWATA's Strengths

1. Technological prowess that has produced a string of “firsts”

We contribute to manufacturing processes around the world with our technological prowess that has produced a string of “firsts” both within Japan and in the world.

  • 1927: Developed the first spray gun produced in Japan
  • 1969: Developed the first medium-sized compressor with two-way cooling produced in Japan
  • 1991: Developed the world's first oil-free air compressor
  • 1994: Developed the world's first spray gun that complies with European environmental regulations
Product Development Stories

2. High Market Share

Our products are preferred by many customers for their reliable technology and quality.

Hand Spray Guns

No. 1 in the Japanese market, with a market share of 70% or more*1

No. 2 in the global market, with a market share of approximately 25%*2


No. 1 in the global market, with a market share of approximately 30%*2

Small-Sized Air Compressors

No. 2 in the Japanese market, with a market share of approximately 25%*2

CEMA: Coating Equipment Manufacturers Association of Japan figures

In-house figures

Line of Business

3. Environmentally Friendly Products

In the coating business, we have been dealing in environmentally friendly products from early on, manufacturing spray guns complying with stringent environmental standards established in the US in the mid-1970s.
In the air energy business, we boast a competitive advantage in oil-free scroll compressors that do not use lubricating oil, which allows us to provide clean air and conserve energy.

Environmental Initiatives

4. Strong Corporate Governance System

Five out of nine members of our Board of Directors (more than 50%) are Outside Directors, and we work to make our management more agile and transparent, while strengthening oversight. With their wealth of experience accumulated in their careers, Outside Directors contribute significantly to the revitalization of the company, not only by deliberating on the various management issues that the company faces, but also by actively making proposals during the business execution period.

Corporate Governance

Advantages of Becoming a Shareholder


Returning profits to shareholders is an important management task for our Group. We will strive to pay out steady dividends, with a dividend payout ratio of 40% or more as our basic policy, while taking into consideration our financial structure and future business development.

Stock Information

Shareholder Perks

Our basic policy is to return profits through dividends. We do not offer shareholder perks.

Participation in Management

You can voice your approval or disapproval by attending the Shareholders' Meeting, which decides important matters as the highest decision-making body of the company, and exercising the voting rights granted according to the number of shares for each item on the agenda. The 77th Annual Shareholders' Meeting was held at our Yokohama headquarters on Friday, June 23, 2023.